Rock U!
The World's Best Local Live Music Finder App

What separates Rock U! from the rest?

  • U have the ability to add your own live music events! (Play in a band? Add all of your upcoming gigs to the app and help pack the house)
  • U have the ability to add your favorite live music gigs to the App! (Love seeing a certain band? Go on their website/Facebook page and add their upcoming gigs to Rock U! to help promote them)
  • U can earn free Rock U! Swag, Amazon Gift Cards, and more by contributing live music events to the App! (Help us populate all the live music gigs in your area and earn entries in to our monthly drawings for FREE STUFF)
  • U can mark bands and / or venues as favorites for quick reference to upcoming events! (Quickly find your favorite bands' upcoming gigs with one click in the Rock U! App)
  • U can filter bands by Music Type! (Don't waste time with Country Bands when you're into ROCK - Rock U! even supports one man acoustic gigs and DJs too)
  • U can filter bands by location, day of the week, the bands' rating, if there is a cover charge or not, etc! (With just a couple of clicks, you can narrow down your search to the PERFECT band that U want to see)
  • U earn Status / Rank as you contribute more live music gigs! (Help us enter live music gigs and you'll go from a measly "Door Man" all the way up the ranks to the "Lead Singer" in no time)

Note: Rock U! is for LOCAL LIVE MUSIC only. Please do not add big bands with ticket prices in excess of $25 to the app as there are plenty of sites for the big bands to promote themselves. Rock U! is designed to provide a big platform for the LOCAL bands/DJs to get the word out about their upcoming gigs.

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